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Special Guests 

2023 Game Jam South


Patricia Summersett

The official voice of Zelda from 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild', Ash from 'Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Seige, Hope from 'Assassin's Creed Rogue, and many more video games! 


Phoenix Resale

I’m a video game reseller and collector. I’ve been making YouTube videos about learning the resale business for a few years. My favorite pastimes are playing ultimate frisbee, watching Winnie the Pooh, and investing for retirement, and my favorite games are Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey because I’m a normie and a fake gamer.



RetroWolf88 is an avid video game collector and a VERY passionate gamer/lover of all things gaming. He has a TON of fun on his Youtube channel! Join Matt as he works on completing a GameCube collection for the 2nd time!


Flipping Accountant

Join Justin on his journey to financial independence using online reselling and various side hustles to achieve that goal. He is a Certified Public Accountant and enjoys thrifting, road trips, and having fun. Check out his channel for tips and tricks about reselling and side hustles that can be very beneficial to newcomers and experts as well.


The Retro World

Video game and toy hunting by thrifting, going to yard sales, and finding local deals! Welcome to The Retro World.


Pacman Case

What's good PacRats? It's all about FUN and GAMES Pacmancase. Andy is a big fan of the classics and all the nostalgia that comes with it. An authentic PNW boy raised in the 80's around bears and raccoons. Andy loves to share his passion and excitement for retro gaming.


Arkansas Picker

Arkansas Picker is a retro game collector that loves yardsales and getting them DEALS! Follow his journey on his up-and-coming Youtube channel!


Retro Gaming Pandemic

These twin brothers are ready for the global takeover of retro games, toys, and nostalgia! 


Game Junction

Join these guys for their insightful and entertaining podcasts for all things gaming and pop culture! 


Trolltastic Tiffie

Trolltastictiffie is an Alabama native cosplayer who has been costuming and attending conventions since 2009, using what she has learned across all aspects of her life. Tiffie prides herself in building a supportive community for all cosplayers of ALL ages, and is always willing to lend a few words of encouragement and a fun photo to help lighten the mood.



Schmabelcosplays is a Huntsville, Alabama based cosplayer who founded Rocket City Weebs. Rocket City Weebs is an online community for all local fan artists, cosplayers, furries, etc to have a safe space to commune and make friends. She believes cosplay is for everyone and is always willing to support new cosplayers.


Uncommon Vally / Select Screen 

Kevin is a YouTuber with two channels, Uncommon Valley and Select Screen. Uncommon Valley is a channel that focuses on gaming history, while Select Screen is a one on one interview style with many guest including GJS guest RetroWolf88, PacManCase, and Retro Gaming Pandemic.



Cody Dennison (born March 11th, 1990), also known by his internet pseudonym Camelot331, is an American internet personality, singer, songwriter, guitarist, gaming streamer and social rights activist. He is best known for his videos discussing his career at GameStop as well as current event and for his 4-hour video game live-streams three nights a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights 9pm-1am EST).

Paul E Niemeyer

Paul E. Niemeyer 

Paul E. Niemeyer's game art career began at Bally/Midway in 1982, working for pinball legend, Paul Farris. Paul did art on "Tapper", "PacMan Plus", "Super PacMan", "Professor PacMan", "TRON", "Satan's Hollow", "Spy Hunter", "WACKO", and "Midnight Marauders", as well as dozens of prototype games. In 1984, he went freelance and worked on games like "Time Killers", "Aeroboto", "Star Guards", an endless list of prototype games, and the huge success, the Original "Mortal Kombat". 

Paul had simultaneous careers as a designer/illustrator in the Chicago ad agencies, a nature artist for the DNR, and a game art designer/illustrator for the video/pinball game community.
Movie properties like "Little Mermaid", "Jurassic Park II", "Men in Black", "Star Trek 5", "Star Wars: Phantom Menace", "Pirates of the Caribbean" are among the many projects in his years in the ad agencies.

It was during this time Paul also worked on "Demolition Man" Pinball as a graphic designer.

In 2000, Paul helped start Eagle Games, where he was a partner, the creative director, and designed & illustrated art for the games. 
In 2006, he opened a top 10 rated haunted attraction known as ABYSS Haunted House in Chicago and ran it successfully until 2014. 
In 2021, Paul's sculptures appeared in his first published pinball game, American Pinball's "Legends of Valhalla".
Paul is now working on numerous game projects of all kinds, plus designing & building props for theme parks, haunted attractions, escape rooms, and fests all over the world.



Dallas is a YouTuber and thrifting connoisseur that is well-known for his videos from the Goodwill Bins!

335671168_1862198844117735_7896809277819024366_n (1).jpg


Chris and Zach Shartzer are a father/son cosplay duo based out of Central Alabama. Initially gaining notoriety in the scene for their attention grabbing renditions of Quailman and Quaildog from the 90’s cartoon Doug, Chris and Zach have since been featured guests at numerous conventions. Never ones to shy away from being original and true to themselves, the pair has steadily been collecting both accolades and recognition for their cosplays such as Colonel Sanders, the Swedish Chef, Adam West’s Batman and Red Hood.

Collectively, they are known as the Dinner Dudes, which is also the name of their YouTube channel. The goal of the Dinner Dudes is to showcase that men (especially dads) can craft delicious foods in a fun and entertaining manner, while also passing on a life lesson or two in a segment referred to as Dadvice. In the kitchen, as in life, some things are likely to go less-than-perfectly. The “Dudes” are here to tell you that this is absolutely normal and that you can overcome these obstacles and learn from them in the process.

The Dinner Dudes brand first came to fruition in 2021 and led to their very first live cooking show at Magic City Comic Con in June of 2022. You can follow subscribe to the Dinner Dudes YouTube channel by clicking on the following link: You can also keep up with their latest shenanigan by liking the official Dinner Dudes Facebook page.

333994131_587102526381559_6656364292903327974_n (1).jpg

Cubster Cosplay Photography 

Cubster is based out of East Tennessee , and has been published in several cosplay Magazines. He enjoys every aspect of photography from conception to session and putting his creative touches on the final image during post-production. From practical effects to post editing effects, his photography has a way to stand out and he tries to create new ideas to keep it as unpredictable and with a fresh look for fans and clients while bringing each cosplay to life!

334230584_5971710139577272_6330572361432648819_n (1).jpg


RNG Gamer has been a video game collector for over 15 years and has a love for everything from Pong consoles up through current-gen systems. He plays through his massive backlog by using a system of random selection to determine what games he plays. All of this is documented on his YouTube channel along with pickup videos, game reviews, collection overviews, and other gaming content. He has a strong focus on eclectic games including rare titles, imports, and obscure releases.

331510482_1211932589684924_8733998203224697883_n (1).jpg


Jaycephus is a creator, writer, musician, and lifelong gamer. His main YouTube channel hosts a collection of comedic and rant-filled playthroughs of many types of games – including indie, scary, and retro – as well as other funny bone-tickling takes on reactions, rankings, theories, music, and skits. He also runs a second channel – Experiment Cephus – focusing on surreal and scary stories narrated and (badly) animated by himself and has written a fantasy novella: Tales of the Bozaiin.

His earliest memories are of playing the original Mario trilogy on NES, and that love for games has been a cornerstone of his hobbies and friendships throughout the years.

Jaycephus loves the entire creative process from front to back: conception, performing, and editing. Once an idea strikes, for better or worse, it’s hard for him to put it down until it’s done. His goal is to bring laughter to the world and inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

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